Best of the Heartland

I grew up in Iowa where farming is a major way of life in the midwest. Today farms are getting larger and larger and fewer and fewer. Many are now abandoned.

I wanted to move from the city out to the country. I knew nothing about farming, but I did know I wanted to get away from everything about living in a city. Neighbors, noise, complaints.

While looking at the want ads, I spotted an ad that offered 40 acres for almost the same price as a acreage. I checked into it and purchased the farm. Now I had a farm, what could I do with it to make some money.

It was too small for corn and beans, the normal Iowa crop. I finally decided on Christmas trees. That didn't require much land, many tree farms are under 10 acres. I thought is didn't require much work, but I was wrong about that. Seems Christmas trees require a lot of work.

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